Friday, August 29, 2008

Freedom of Faith

I am not an expert on Creationism.  Having said that, I guess I am a bit surprised by the movement to teach Creationism in the public school system.

It is not that I don't believe there is a Creator.  I do.  In my childhood years as a Southern Baptist this Creator was the traditional Christian view.  My view has shifted over the years and what I now call the Creator / Spirit / Universe has a different meaning for me.  It is a fair bet that my view and sense of a Creator will continue to evolve while I walk this earth and have more experiences with each passing day.

My view is that, just mine.  I am pretty fortunate that I have people in my life with views that are both differing and similar to mine.  Often it is those differing views that prompt reflection and a check in on my position.  Lively conversation can entail and my view of the world inevitably expands.

Our country is a melting pot that brings a blend of people along with each of their views - cultural, political, religious / faith based.  One of the gifts of being a US citizen is that each individual is able to choose what we each believe and what faith we observe within our homes, with our family, and with our children.  

As I do not have children, my connection to the public school system is not an active one.  My interest is purely as the collective whole and understanding that the children are indeed our future.  Children in our public school system come from homes with differing views and faiths. It is a 'good' thing that they are exposed to new learnings via school curriculum, but to suppose that each child should be taught the Christian view of Creationism flies in the face of honoring and respecting their family's right to the religious freedom and practice of faith supported by the First Amendment.  

Make Creationism available to those that choose to learn it, just as my high school Theologies class was available by choice.  Or make it a choice to teach it in the home.  But, make it just that, a choice.

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