Friday, January 22, 2010

picking up an instrument

Today I checked off the first box to completing one of my 2009 New Year's goals. Yes, I know it is 2010, but this one took a little longer to get to the root of.

See, I am a music lover. Music interweaves with just about every part of my life. I start each and every day with my 'start the day music'. Music to get me centered to start the day joyfully. Rarely is there not music playing in the background as I go about my day (right now am I listening to Nawang Khechog's music as medicine). Much of my social life is centered around music events, whether seeing favorite (or new) local musicians or the big names that come through town. The only place music is absent for me is during work. Not that there is a barrier to me listening to music as I go about my work day (that is when I am working), but I get lost in the takes me to other places. Not so good when you have objectives and goals to meet.

My love for music began early. Gotta thank my Mom for that one. Some of my earliest memories are of her putting on 50s and 60s tunes and she and I dancing the night away. As much as music has been a part of life from the get go, I have never played an instrument. Not sure why really. I could give you the excuse that we moved alot when I was a kid. That many of the schools I attended were too poor or too understaffed to have band. That would be true, but plenty of folks figure out how to teach themselves and make it happen. I didn't.

My friend, Marilyn, figured it out. She played French Horn in High School (maybe even earlier) and majored in music in college. I first met her many years ago at an annual music event she hosts. Not only does she play french horn, she also sings, plays guitar and keyboards, writes her own songs, and plays a mean cowbell. She ignited in me a little flicker that I might be able unleash my inner musician and play an instrument, too.

I spent a year savoring the thought of picking up an instrument. At first, it was those type of instruments you can actually pick up...the bango or the guitar. Then, I landed with the piano. Can't say why for sure, but I can say I am happy with my choice and happy with the new (to me) digital piano that sits in my loft waiting for me. Now I just have to learn to play it. Let the journey begin...

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