Thursday, January 21, 2010

taking on the happiness project

As we begin each new year I set aside time to reflect on the previous year and set some goals for the coming year.

Last year I took a stab at a new angle and wrote about it here.

I wouldn't say I failed, but I will say that I missed the mark to hit it in 2009. Revisiting the post I realize that these desires have lived with me as goals this past year, but seem to be more likely to manifest in 2010. This very afternoon I am off to look at a set of keyboards to get that 'learn an instrument' goal underway. And, in my new job search, I am focusing on roles and companies that meet that passion I seek in my work life.

Just as I was beginning to think about the coming year and what my desires were for 2010, "The Happiness Project" book arrived on my doorstep courtesy of my aunt and her family. The objective of the book is something I can certainly get into for the New Year...BE HAPPIER!

After devouring the Getting Started and January chapters, I have taken the first steps in the journey to create more happiness. Some of it is very little things...some take a more consistent commitment. I am looking forward to the road that lies ahead and look forward to sharing it with the author, Gretchen Rubin, chapter by chapter as the year progresses.

You can check out more of what this is all about on Gretchen's blog. Interested in joining the happiness journey? She has also invited us all to join the 2010 Happiness Challenge by signing this petition.

I am tossing in my January list as much as a reminder to myself as to share it with you. I'd love to hear what you are shooting for this year to increase your happiness and live more of the life you love.

*Get more sleep
Shooting for 8 hours plus. Making it more days than I used to. AND, when I do hit that 8 hour mark, not only do I have more energy and greet the day with more enthusiasm, I am also a more patient, kinder soul.
*Provide myself a time buffer
Instead of using up every last minute and rushing to get to where I am going and arriving in a flustered state, I am giving myself a bit of extra time. Amazing how this provides a calmer arrival and me in a more receptive state of mind.
* Move more
This crud I have had for 4 weeks has thrown a wrench in this, but I am targeting more movement to the tune of Yoga 2x/wk, Dance 2x/wk, Being Outside 2x/wk
* Do it now
Adopted this one from Gretchen and it is making a difference already. If it takes moments to do, I am addressing it in the moment instead of putting it off. The result is a shorter to do list, less mental tracking of what I have not gotten to and fewer piles yelling at me. Nice!
* Declutter
I am a pretty neat person already, but have to fess up my office has gotten out of hand. Tackling it a little a day and look forward to having it done by the time we roll this month over to February.

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