Thursday, April 8, 2010

sitting in the quiet

For years I have practiced meditation in an on again off again style. I've believed what all the new thought / spiritual leaders have had to say about the value of meditation. You know, sitting in the quiet helps you connect with spirit and that little voice of knowing that helps guide us through the twist and turns of this thing called life.

Yep, I have believed it is a valuable tool, but I struggled getting it into my daily life.

Six weeks ago I began the Science of Mind Beyond Limits course. While there are many facets to this teaching, a cornerstone of successfully integrating the tools and beliefs in one's life guessed it...meditation. So, I committed to giving a meditation practice another go during the 10 week course. While I may slip a day or two, it is nearly a daily practice for me right now.

As my post yesterday shared, there was a bit of drama with a family member. I stayed amazingly calm and focused on what it is I would like in the relationship. Last night I reflected on why. Certainly the works I am studying have laid a foundation, but upon reflection I believe meditation played a larger role than I gave it credit for.

Just fifteen minutes a day of reading an affirmation and sitting in the quiet are giving me a clearer focus on the day. And when those bumps and zingers show up, I find myself feeling capable to handle whatever comes my way with a little more ease.

Two sources I am currently using for daily affirmations:
- Creative Ideas by Ernest Holmes
- Science of Mind magazine

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I liked this post. It reminded me that God calls us to meditate on him in Psalm 46, in a beautiful passage of hope, we are exhorted to "be still and know that I am God". Thanks for the reminder, and for helping me stay on course!