Wednesday, April 7, 2010

taking a breath, and then another

Today something happened that once upon a time would have sent me over the edge. I received a text from a close family member that called me out on something that just was not true. There was that one moment of "Oh, my gosh, I've got to fix this". Then there was a breath. And another. Then I knew I could not fix how the other person felt, but I could hold my truth and be kind in the process.

I've been off work since August. Much of that time off was by design. I wanted to take a break and recharge the batteries before jumping into my next gig. If you know and love me, you know I tend to jump into my work with all I have. The time off was to clear the cobwebs. To dust out the corners and rejuvenate. I traveled. Took my first solo road trip ever. It was a blast. Something about driving on a dirt road in New Mexico on the way to an awesome spa that sparks spirit in the depths of the being. I did yoga. I slept in. Alot. I took classes and got to know myself in a way I have not until now.

Much of what I have been studying is relationship material. The other is spiritual in nature. It has been a good mix. The result? I live from a place of calmness and certainty that was not familiar to me previously. So, when that text landed in my inbox today, my response was not one of activation and need to control. I was able to respond from a place of calm and truth and as a result there was not tension or harsh words exchanged. Instead, we exchanged some texts and all seems to be moving in the right direction. Oh, and I took a walk. Any excuse to get outside and get some of that Colorado sunshine.

I'm noting the classes I've take over the past few months. I've learned something from each. This work blended with a blooming meditation practice has wrenched free much of the criticism, defensiveness, and desire for control that sometimes was my first response. Instead what is coming first these days is an interest in understanding and a knowing I don't have to take on responsibility for the situation. I can listen, I can receive calmly and I can love. Even in the face of confrontation. At least I can sometimes...and I am learning to make those sometimes greater than the alternative. Often all it takes is a breath. And, then another breath.

*** Fisher - Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends
This course was previously titled Fisher Divorce Recovery. I took it when my sweetie and I were re-evaluating our relationship. For me it provided the tools to clear out old relationship behaviors and look at myself and how I choose to interact in a couple relationship.

*** PAX Programs
I started off by reading Alison Armstrongs's 'Keys to the Kingdom' as a woman I have great respect for recommended it more than once. The PAX charter is to transform the way woman relate to and create partnerships with men. I attended three workshops and plan on attending more. This is work I will be interested in for life.

*** Science of Mind - Beyond Limits
I have been a fan of the new thought movement and many of the current leaders for years. In taking this class at Mile Hi Church in Denver, I am now learning the structure to receive the abundance that can be ours through the teachings of Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind and Spirit. One of the things I value about this work is it is non-denominational and can compliment any belief system and religion.

Disclaimer: What I am sharing is my personal experience and the courses and study I have found to be helpful for me. Wanna share what rings true for you? Drop a comment below.

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